Our Dedicated Team at HealthPulse

Janet Miller - Founder of HealthPulse

With over 30 years in healthcare, Janet Miller is the passionate force behind HealthPulse. Inspired by caring for her grandparents and parents, HealthPulse is her heartfelt endeavor to offer families peace of mind through remote patient monitoring. Janet envisions a future where technology transforms caregiving into a compassionate and proactive experience.

Dr. Stephen Skulborstad - Director of Business Operations, HealthPulse

Enthusiastically joining HealthPulse by invitation from Janet Miller, Dr. Stephen Skulborstad draws from personal experience as his father's primary caregiver during the late stages of cancer. A fervent supporter of HealthPulse's remote patient monitoring, Stephen actively contributes to the mission of advancing patient care.

Our Diverse and Passionate Nursing Team

our nursing team is a vibrant and diverse collection of professionals united by an unwavering passion for healthcare. Each member brings a unique set of skills, experiences, and cultural perspectives to ensure a comprehensive and empathetic approach to patient care. Together, they embody our commitment to excellence and compassion in remote patient monitoring.